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South Keys Transit Plaza: Our Community Speaks Out

South Keys Transit Plaza: Our Community Speaks Out

At the heart of every great community lies the shared vision of its residents. For the South Keys Transit Plaza project, we wanted to tap into that collective wisdom. To bring this vision closer to reality, last year we conducted an extensive survey gathering nearly 100 responses, aiming to understand our community’s aspirations for this central location. Here’s what we discovered.

The Vision

Based on the overwhelming response, it’s clear that our community envisions the South Keys Transit Plaza as a vibrant, inclusive, and functional urban park. A space not only dedicated to leisure and recreation but also integrated with the daily rhythms of commuters, shoppers, and residents alike.

Top “Must-Haves”

1. Safety and Accessibility: Residents highlighted the importance of safety, especially after dark. Ensuring easy access for pedestrians, bicyclists, and those with disabilities is a top priority.

2. Greenery and Natural Elements: A strong preference emerged for the inclusion of native plants, trees for shade, and green spaces for relaxation and play.

3. Community Engagement Spaces: From outdoor movie theatres to destination playgrounds, respondents expressed a desire for spaces that foster community interaction and host a variety of events.

4. Food and Beverage Options: Whether through permanent establishments like cafes or transient setups like food trucks, a place to grab a bite or a drink was highly sought after.

5. Functional Amenities: Basic but crucial features like public washrooms, bike lanes, and seating arrangements were consistently emphasized.

Top-Requested Specific Features

1. Public Washrooms: A recurrent request, indicating the need for basic amenities in the plaza.

2. Outdoor Movie Theatre: Reflecting a community’s desire for shared experiences and events.

3. Destination Playground with Trampolines: Catering to the younger residents and providing a fun, unique attraction.

4. Ping Pong Tables: A nod towards interactive recreational spaces that cater to a variety of age groups.

5. Food Trucks: Offering diverse culinary experiences and creating a dynamic, ever-changing atmosphere.

Walking Through Our Future Park

Imagine stepping off the train into a world alive with laughter, music, and the hum of conversation. As you walk, children’s giggles echo from a playground, where trampolines invite joyous jumps and imaginative climbing structures inspire adventurous games.

The heart of the plaza is shaded by modern umbrellas, under which residents relax, chat, or lose themselves in a book. The tantalizing scents of food lead you to a row of diverse food trucks, each promising a gastronomic adventure. And as the evening approaches, families gather on picnic blankets, preparing for an outdoor movie night under the stars.

Every corner of the plaza reflects our community’s spirit. From the chess tables inviting strategic duels to the serene boardwalk by the creek, every feature has been thoughtfully added based on our collective vision.

Concluding Thoughts

The South Keys Transit Plaza survey reaffirms the importance of community engagement in urban development projects. The responses provide a rich tapestry of ideas, hopes, and aspirations, all converging towards a shared goal: creating a space that resonates with the heartbeats of its residents.

We’re not just building a park. We’re crafting a testament to our community’s spirit, a space where memories will be forged, friendships strengthened, and community bonds deepened.

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to every resident who took the time to voice their thoughts. Together, we move closer to turning our collective dream into a tangible reality.

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