South Keys Centre will evolve into a vibrant, and amenity-rich community that embraces active transportation and healthy living and acts as a regional hub for Ottawa South where all life stages, income levels, and abilities are able to thrive.

Our guiding principles

  • An urban hub that is seamlessly connected to surrounding neighbourhoods through year-round transit, cycling, pedestrian connections, with creative strategies for vehicle movement.
  • A mix of uses that attracts both local and regional visitors, to ensure the community is safe and lively at all times of the day and year.
  • A robust public realm for both casual gathering and active recreation, that allows people of all ages and abilities to live a healthy life, and respects traditional land use
  • A biophilic community that prioritizes connections to nature and uses sustainable design principles throughout the site.
  • A range of housing types and tenures to ensure a diverse population can age in place and establish pride in their community.

Area of interest

Our work focuses on South Keys Centre (boundaries Bank Street, Hunt Club Rd, the O-Train line, and the VIA rail line) and the active transit connections between the SKC and the surrounding neighbourhoods.