May 4: Guided Walking Tour of the Sawmill Creek Stormwater Management Pond

May 4: Guided Walking Tour of the Sawmill Creek Stormwater Management Pond

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Join us for an enlightening guided walk around the Sawmill Creek Stormwater Management Pond in Ottawa South. The tour will be led by City of Ottawa staff from the Stormwater Management Unit and the Climate Change and Resiliency Unit. This tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of urban nature, community, and environmental stewardship.

Accessibility: tour involves a 1.5km walk on level ground

Discover natural parkland: Learn how the pond functions both as natural parkland and a key piece of stormwater infrastructure, as it supports community recreation and fostering connections to nature, while at the same time filtering and cleaning stormwater. Unlike conventional city parks, the wetlands offer a unique ecosystem that benefits both people and wildlife.

Learn how homeowners can help with stormwater management: Explore how property owners can positively impact stormwater management. Discover practical takeaways for retrofitting green infrastructure on your property with the help of the City’s Rain Ready Ottawa program, contributing to cleaner and healthier waterways in Ottawa.

Come prepared to explore our hidden local wetlands, gain insights, and leave with actionable steps to make a difference in your own community. Let’s celebrate nature and sustainability together! 

Location of the pond

Map of the pond

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