Greenboro Park and Ride Affordable Housing

Greenboro Park & Ride has the potential to be a great location for public housing.

Status: The Greenboro Park & Ride is currently owned by OC Transpo. The north phase of the South Keys development is on a 15- to 30-year build-out timeline.

Better South Keys Centre aims to accelerate and advocate for community interest to repurpose the land.

Park and Rides will be part of public engagement on the Transportation Master Plan Part 2, and is expected to be part of Phase 5 engagement in 2024.


The Greenboro Park & Ride sits at the northern end of the South Keys Centre plaza by the entrance at Bank St. and Johnston Rd. Currently, the Park & Ride generates 600 transit trips per day. The South Keys secondary plan envisions two high-rise developments, a transit plaza at Greenboro Station and a large park at the north end of the site. Better South Keys Center is aiming to leverage the City to utilize the publicly owned land for the purpose of affordable housing development in order to meet the goal of creating a mixed-use mixed-income community in South Keys. While the Park & Ride is publicly owned, there is little pressure to unlock the potential of this site until the north end of the development is built out.

Currently, a policy directing the transformation of underutilized city assets exists in the City of Ottawa’s 10-year housing and homelessness plan. According to the City’s report, “with Line 2 extending to Riverside South, Greenboro Station is no longer a terminus. Option for mixed-use or residential development by reducing, burying or stacking parking to free up a portion of the site. Similar to Baseline Station, Greenboro Park & Ride will likely become redundant over time.” We are leveraging our community voice by meeting with the relevant City of Ottawa staff in order to make them aware of the public interest to develop the land. 

Our Actions:

  • BSKC met with Ottawa Affordable Housing on May 18th, 2022 to learn about the City’s affordable housing program and establish our interest in the Greenboro site
  • BSKC hosted a Walk and Talk event at South Keys Centre on April 23, 2022, attended by 50 community members, which included a discussion on ideas for housing development at the Greenboro Park & Ride

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