Reflecting on 2022: A Year of Community Advocacy with Better South Keys Centre

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As the year draws to a close, we take a moment to reflect on the progress, challenges, and community engagement that defined 2022 for the Better South Keys Centre. Our coalition remains committed to advocating for the enhancement of the South Keys Centre and fostering sustainable development in our neighborhood.

Listening to the Community

In January 2022, we kicked off the year by actively listening to our community members. Through interactive meetings and a collaborative Miro board, over 150 ideas were shared regarding the redevelopment of the South Keys Centre. This invaluable input shaped our initiatives throughout the year.

Key Projects and Milestones

1. Greenboro Pathway Missing Link

We continued our efforts to bridge gaps in the Greenboro pathway network. Connecting neighborhoods and promoting active transportation remains a priority.

2. South Keys Transit Plaza

In September 2022, we hosted an on-site community Visioning Exercise for the transit plaza. Over 30 participants, including local candidates for council, discussed the future of this vital transit hub.

3. Hunt Club Widening

Our advocacy extended to infrastructure improvements. The Hunt Club widening project aims to enhance traffic flow and accessibility.

4. South Keys Redevelopment, South Phase

We closely monitored the South Keys redevelopment project, ensuring that community needs are considered in this transformative endeavor.

5. Greenboro Park and Ride Affordable Housing

In April 2022, we engaged with 50 community members during a Walk and Talk event at South Keys Centre. The discussion centered around innovative ideas for housing development at the Greenboro Park & Ride location.

Celebrating Our Anniversary

In November 2022, we marked the anniversary of the Better South Keys Centre. During our celebratory meeting, we reflected on the year’s accomplishments and discussed future plans. Our three committees—communications, outreach, and technical—continue to drive our mission forward. 


As we step into 2023, the Better South Keys Centre remains dedicated to advocating for positive change.

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